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June 16, 2010



I don't know what the answer is either but I really hate those horns.

Rugby Union suffers from a similar problem; there are teams that just play for penalties (yes, England, I'm talking about you) and then there are teams that are better at playing a 'running game' (like the All Blacks, and sometimes the Wallabies..). The running game is far more beautiful to watch.


Hey Trish!

Yes the vuvuzela is absurdly annoying. Supposedly it is a SA tradition, but:

1. So was "necklacing" i.e. throwing a burning tire around someone's neck... should we allow that in the stadiums as well?

2. It's not really a tradition; it goes back to some 90's football matches.

3. You can't hear fans sing etc. which is the WHOLE POINT of having a large fan contingent at a match.

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