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January 24, 2010



I've worn glasses for myopia since I was 10, so the idea of glasses wasn't strange. But my stark realization of, as you call it, the slide into decrepitude came when I had to take them OFF to see things (or read) up close. My optometrist fairly cackled at my next check-up -- "And it deteriorates very quickly!" he offered as he announced my requirement for bifocals (gah) or as we more modern types do, progressive lenses. (For which, let me tell you, the sweet spot is darned small.)

I actually wore contacts briefly (needed them for diving), but the window closed on those -- although I can still wear them, I'd never be able to read, so it would be glasses still for most of what I do.

Anyway, welcome to the club. :-)


Thanks for comments Mike.

Funny what you said about your optometrist... mine was positively gleeful when she pronounced to me: "You don't have stereoscopic vision!", like some annoying, know-it-all kid. Ugh.

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