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January 25, 2009



It's starting to happen here, too. Shops are closing, there are LOTS of sales with 'up to 70% off' which is crazy even for the post-Christmas period. Desperate times. We are cutting back on our spending, and fewer people are asking us "When are you going to buy a house??" which has been the conversation-starter around here for ten years. Nowadays, it's "you're so lucky you don't have a house that's losing it's value by the day." Yup.

I hope you get to keep your job, and your house. It would be such a shame to have to start over.


I can tell you from personal experience that one's (at least, my) identity is amazingly locked into what I "do." When that is lost (especially for any extended period), the psychic repercussions are, to say the least, extremely uncomfortable. Feelings of self-worth plummet. I hope this experience passes you by.

As for the worst yet to come? I am almost consciously trying not to think about it. But I'm glad our diet is already in the beans-n-rice category!


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