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October 05, 2008



Oh WOW!!! It looks beautiful! I love the colour (much nicer than your neighbours' turquoise house... just sayin'). Do we get to see pictures of the inside?

I know it mustn't feel like it to you, but it seems as though all that happened incredibly quickly. No wonder you're exhausted!

I have house-envy. It really is beautiful. And I love Malcolm's graffiti in the concrete.


Thanks very much Trish! With a few trees and plants it will feel like a proper place :).

I will post snaps of the inside as soon as a few last details are finished... within 2 weeks.


oh and as soon as the bamboo grows up a bit you won't see the turquoise house next door :)...


Just for the record, the planting the bamboo was NOT fun. Digging 4 2 - 3 foot deep holes was especially unfun -- and I only did 1 plus.

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