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May 25, 2008



I looks great! And the yellow is perfect. Does it have a sort of Danish charm? We are all ready to celebrate. Home Sweet Home.


Thanks E!
You were right a few weeks ago when you said that yellow is a hard color for our locale; When they first put up the paint, on the first day, I nearly had a heart attack because it was so bright and, um, *orange*. I panicked and phoned the designer and asked him to leave the scaffolding up in case we wanted to paint over, and he said "you're freaking me out, man". Luckily I listened to him and waited a few days and now it is fine; it totally changes after drying and oxidizing a bit.

But anyway, yes, 'Danish' and maybe 'Japanese' was what we wanted; You can be the judge if we actually achieved that. Here's the Danish variety:


and here is the Japanese variety:


Honestly 'earth tone' stucco finishes can be found the world over, from North Africa to Italy/Greece to Denmark and in Asia, but the challenge is to make it work in our climate. We assume we can make it work here because it worked well in Copenhagen, for example, which is often grey and overcast like Seattle. But let's see how we feel in a year :).

We are ready to celebrate as well... as soon as they finish!

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