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January 27, 2008



It's really good to see such progress. Congratulations!

I want to see the view from the top floor looking West.

-- Alan


thanks Alan! Let's meet up some time soon and you can have a look :)


Wow! It's so big! I agree with Alan - the views from upstairs must be terrific.

Once you get to lock up stage it all starts happening very quickly. I watched my sister's house being built a few years ago and it all came together in the last couple of months, after what seemed like years and years of building ;-)

I love the small square windows. And I love timber framed windows, although we wont be able to have them in our house - apparently the cockatoos like to sharpen their beaks on timber window frames. So we'll be going for something in steel, I think!


Hi Trish -- Thanks for comments. It's a tall house (nearly 35' / 10.6m) but overall area is not huge by (admittedly excessive) US standards -- approx. 3000 sq ft/ 278 sq meters. The 'footprint' of each floor is approx. 7.9m x 12m.

If we get a clear day (it's winter here, after all) I will get some snaps from up high :).

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