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March 28, 2007



Hi Misha,

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Richard Banks

Hear hear. It also pisses me off how simplistic some of the ads messages are. One of the UK ones, for example, implies that PCs don't just work out of the box. That you have to download drivers first and that Macs come with iLife that just lets you get on. I have two Macs in my home, both of which require regular downloads of software to update drivers and iLife. Vista comes with good photo, music and video software that competes well with iLife. The only thing it doesn't have is a website application (but we also don't offer a web hosting deal that you have to pay for out of the box like .Mac). So there's a lot of subtleties and untruths there.

Another one that bothers me is the ad that says Macs are better because they have less viruses. We all know that's only because PCs have a larger market share and make a more appealing target for hackers. Microsoft is pretty responsive to vulnerabilites though. More so then Apply. Symantec just released a report saying Windows was more secure then the Mac.

Their ads remind me a little of the early AOL ads that just focussed on repeating how easy they were to use. Over and over again.

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